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Of ‘Kashmir ki Kali’ and ‘Midnight in Paris’ by Mamma mia! Me a mamma

Of the different degrees and shades of CSA that I faced, the part that has left the worst taste in the mouth is that fact that all three of the perpetrators were known… Continue reading

An Open Letter To My Abuser by Childhood Journals

Dear Mr. Abuser, I am writing this letter with uttermost disrespect, anger, agony and pain. I don’t hope bad things for you, but I do hope that your kids won’t take your example… Continue reading

Building faith by Gypsy

It’s been a whole month of stories, awareness and healing. The month of April is when a bunch of ladies get together to look at a social monster in the eye. This monster… Continue reading

Touch by Vasudha Rao

IndiBlogger recently arranged an exclusive Book Preview of “The Bad Touch “by  Payal Shah Karwa ,an IndiBlogger herself.It was at  Cafe Infinito,BKC,Mumbai on 5th April,2014.April is the month for Child Sex Abuse Awareness. The author Payal Shah Karwa… Continue reading

More Damage than You Can Imagine – Dipali

She finally told her parents, hoping that she would never ever have to see her molester again, or at least not in her own home, the first space that is meant to spell… Continue reading

Suryanelli Case – Vasudha

Suryanelli is a village in Idukki district in the Indian state of Kerela.This is the infamous Suryanelli rape case.The victim, a minor , who was sixteen year old then,  was blackmailed into running away  by her… Continue reading

A Bad Touch – Blessed

Amu was delighted as usual to see that her Pappen had come. He always came with chocolates. She liked him so much since her parents would never buy chocolates for her or her… Continue reading

CSA in Bollywood – Supriya Maulick Mahajan

Bollywood & Child Sexual Abuse We see the glamorous Switzerland locations, the chiffon saris, the OTT Punjabi MIL, the saccharine sweet Alok Nath and of course all the item numbers. We enjoy them… Continue reading

Nude – Aditi

I’d had too much wine all in the name of celebration and the joyous bobbing heads surrounding me along with the loud thumping music made me nauseous. However one face was still clear… Continue reading

The silence that damns us all – India’s Child Sex Abuse Epidemic – The Armchair Philosopher

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to traumatise it. Much like any other kind of sexual abuse, child sexual abuse inflicts wounds on an individual far… Continue reading