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Best Friends Forever – by Blessed

Last year when Amma gave me the “bad touch” talk. I decided to show off and tell Mia all about it. So in one of the free periods I told Mia all about the bad… Continue reading

“THE NINE YEAR OLD” – Sithara.

She hides in the cupboard sometimes She hides behind the door sometimes Isnt this child wierd?? She sits in the dark She cries in the dark How wierd can this child be?? She… Continue reading

Safety in Schools – Meeta Sengupta.

Schools are not just places to study – they are places where we learn to work in social groups in a safe environment. A school therefore is a place we can make mistakes,… Continue reading

Some Small Steps – Aparna.

Many brave folks have come up to talk about dealing with CSA when young, the most recent being Kalki Koechlin. I think this incident and the openness that she and others have displayed… Continue reading

I’m The Mom Who Taught Her Son The 3 Magical Words: “I Will Tell”.

As part of Child Sexual Awareness Month, Kiran talks about how she’d rather have people snickering and calling her a helicopter mom under their breath, than risk her child’s safety  The constant whine… Continue reading

Child Sexual Abuse, How Children Tell – Prenita.

As the mother of a 21 year old daughter, one who is doing a course in creative and autobiographical writing, I am very fortunate to read some of the assignments she submits. Her… Continue reading


When Maa taught me about power – Not power proper; but the power of touch, She was clear about the wheres: “between your legs – no, on your chest – no,  around your… Continue reading


A few weeks ago my husband was sitting on the couch reading a newspaper and I was on the floor with my naked toddler running around. He grabbed at the protrusion between his… Continue reading

CSA: The Invisible Demon around Us – Sunayana Roy

When Jaya Menon*’s daughter, then 12, ran around their apartment complexes in Hyderabad with the various gangs of children, Jaya made it a point to call out to her from the windows every… Continue reading

The World and Life of a Child – Nischala.

That one wrong thought That one inappropriate word That one dirty look That one bad touch That one unfortunate act That one unforgettable secret That one moment of fear That one thing which… Continue reading