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CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 4

Here is a list: • The proper names for all their private parts; many children are not able to tell because they don’t know the words to use. Teach your kids that personal… Continue reading

Message from Arpan 2012 | 4

CSA affects the child negatively, causing: Shame, guilt & anger. Fear, shock & confusion Constant illness Possible exploitative relationships in the future Social withdrawal Inappropriate sexualised behaviour. *These behavioural changes MAY be indicative… Continue reading

Friends as foes – CSAAM April 2012 by Life Begins

Scene 1 : visiting friend’s place for a get-together .. Ofcourse with family…kid in tow. “Friends” are well known. They dont meet everyday but still often enough and gladly. Kids also have company… Continue reading

Youth Bullying – Message from Tulir

While youth bullying experiences and sexual violence perpetration are both major public health problems, little research exists on the positive associations between the two. Published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, A recent… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 3

Sex Offenses Link to Juveniles – Message from Tulir The topic for today’s tweets on #CSAAM are on how parents can be alert, informed and empower their children to prevent CSA. Communicate… Continue reading

To Sum It up – April 3

The Bitter Pill It was a minor incident from 9 years ago. It had barely lasted 30 seconds. But it stays on in memory.. Provoking questions, giving insights. She had been all of 17… Continue reading

Message from Arpan 2012 | 3

1. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) includes the following contact and non-contact behaviour: Contact behaviour: Penetration of anus, vagina, oral sex. Fondling child’s private body parts. Making the child fondle private body parts. Noncontact:… Continue reading

Sex Offenses Link to Juveniles – Message from Tulir

Previous studies by the UNH Crimes against Children Research Center of sex offenses against minors show that 36 percent of the offenses were committed by juveniles. Other research estimates up to 50 percent… Continue reading

CSA In the News – April 2

Man gets life for raping daughter “MUMBAI: A sessions court on Wednesday sentenced a 45-yearold man to life imprisonment for raping his minor daughter over a two-year period. Shahbuddin Khan was fined Rs… Continue reading

Pressurizing Children – Message from Tulir

The UN’s World Report on Violence against Children (2006) noted that “Teachers and other children commonly put pressure on children to make them conform to cultural values and social attitudes that define what… Continue reading