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‘Chuppi Todo!’

Chuppi Todo: PSA against child sexual abuse in India This video is part of a Plan India campaign that aims to raise awareness of sexual abuse against children and encourage girls and boys… Continue reading

CSA awareness month might be over by The Mad Momma

We were at a kiddy birthday party some months ago and either the Brat or the Bean ( I forget which one) came running out screaming,  ’We’re playing doctor and look what X… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 28, 29 & 30

A video – Discussions of Child Sexual Exploitation and Current Initiatives Being Used to Protect children – Message … Young Mum by Pallavi Borah CSA Awareness Month April 2012 – Grey… Continue reading

Downloadable Workshop Kit

As we end the CSAAM month, we present to you a downloadable CSAAM workshop kit which is easy to replicate in small or large group with a very simple setup We encourage you… Continue reading

A video – Psychologist speak – Busting the CSA taboo

Psychologist speak – Busting the CSA taboo. Communication is the key.

The Usual Suspects by Mom Gone Mad

He grabs her by the wrist, the grip firm yet cajoling. The alcohol on his breath hangs like vapour between them as he pushes her against the wall with his hips. His daring… Continue reading

Be a Momzilla. Keep Your Child Safe from Sexual Abuse by Rita

When I was growing up, my parents, especially my father, guarded me like a hawk. Considering how awareness about Child Sexual Abuse in those days was almost non-existent, I’m sure they were considered… Continue reading

Prevent Sexual Abuse by HealthCare Providers – Message from Tulir

In a policy statement published online this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics offers formal recommendations on how to remain aware of and possibly prevent sexual abuse by health care providers.

A video – Psychologist Speak – Breaking some myths about CSA

Psychologist Speak – Breaking some myths about CSA

Teachers and prevention of CSA by Meeta Sengupta

As a teacher, if you stand me in front of a classroom and tell me to speak to the young ones about CSA, I would freeze. If you tell me first, and then… Continue reading