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A video – Psychologist Speak – How should you deal with CSA as a parent ?

Psychologist Speak – How should you deal with CSA as a parent ?

Message from Arpan – 25

  Self blame Many times children feel that they were responsible for the sexual abuse happening to them. They also feel that they are getting punishment of something they have done wrong. Often,… Continue reading

Children in Cyber World by Cybermum India

Children in Cyber World Last week I had the honour of being a part of a very interactive twitter chat with parents, due to my being the McAfee Cybermum India  under the aegis… Continue reading

Child Pornography – Message from Tulir

The interest in child sexual abuse images(aka child pornography) is far more prevalent and close to home than anyone of us think! It’s interesting to compare the huge focus on foreigners who do… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | 26th April

Protecting Children from Abuse – Message from Tulir Today’s tweets are about how to handle disclosure of CSA by a child, and why your reactions are so important. #CSAAM The information in… Continue reading

Arpan’s Awareness Talk at Inorbit, Mumbai

As part of CSA Awarenesss Month April 2012, ARPAN is holding a film session, awareness talk and discussion on Child Sexual Abuse at Inorbit mall on April 28th at Vashi & Malad from… Continue reading

If its April, it must be Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month! by kbpm

I suppose many have you have been following the awesome effort on CSAA. If not go there right now: Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. The team has spared no effort in making this… Continue reading

CSA In The News – April 26

1] Bill proposes life term for sexual offences against kids New Delhi: On Thursday, the Union Cabinet is likely to discuss a bill that will make sexual intercourse or ‘contact with sexual intent’… Continue reading

A video – Psychologist Speak – Building bonds with your child

Psychologist Speak – Building bonds with your child

Message from Arpan – 24

  Emotional Isolation Children who are abused can be very emotionally isolated. The abuser can force the child to keep the abuse a secret. If the abuser is a family member, the child… Continue reading