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The monster all parents need to know about – Kids Stop Press

CSA Awareness Month has contributed a piece on child sexual abuse and CSAAM to the popular parenting website Kids Stop Press. Click here to read our say on why and how CSAAM began and… Continue reading

Twitter Chat with Dr Sonali Gupta on 29th April

Join us on Twitter today, Tuesday 12-1 pm IST, as we chat with Dr Sonali Gupta / @guptasonali . Sonali Gupta is a trained clinical psychologist with 10 years of practice. She has been working with TISS… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 8 : Information on Personal Safety Education

Information on Personal Safety Education   Q27. What is Personal Safety Education? Who can impart this? How can it be done and from what age? Personal Safety Education needs to be an on-going… Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Lakshmi’ – Vasudha

Vasudha tells us about her experience watching Nagesh Kukunoor’s movie on child trafficking and prostitution, Lakshmi. To read the rest of her heartfelt review, click here.


CSA IN THE NEWS – April 28, 2014   Dad arrested for sexually abusing son 36 yr old father hailing from an affluent Malad family arrested for sexually abusing his six-year-old son in Dubai… Continue reading

Account of ‘an abused, an abuser and a survivor’ – Anonymous

Okay so I have been abused. The reason I came here to CSAAM was maybe I wanted to find some closure and some understanding.  But as the days go by and the more and more… Continue reading

Smt Sudesh Jhaku vs KCJ (Del HC, 1998)

Saurav Datta (@SauravDatta29) tweeted at 3:53 AM on Sun, Apr 27, 2014: Sudesh Jhaku v KCJ (Del HC, 1998) – sustained CSA described pornographically  as the “yin yang of pain and lust” Warning:… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 7 : Intervening in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse

Intervening in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse:   Q25. If I come across a child who has been a victim of sexual abuse what should I do? It is very important that, as… Continue reading

A Bad Touch – Blessed

Amu was delighted as usual to see that her Pappen had come. He always came with chocolates. She liked him so much since her parents would never buy chocolates for her or her… Continue reading

CSA in Bollywood – Supriya Maulick Mahajan

Bollywood & Child Sexual Abuse We see the glamorous Switzerland locations, the chiffon saris, the OTT Punjabi MIL, the saccharine sweet Alok Nath and of course all the item numbers. We enjoy them… Continue reading