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Nude – Aditi

I’d had too much wine all in the name of celebration and the joyous bobbing heads surrounding me along with the loud thumping music made me nauseous. However one face was still clear… Continue reading

The silence that damns us all – India’s Child Sex Abuse Epidemic – The Armchair Philosopher

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to traumatise it. Much like any other kind of sexual abuse, child sexual abuse inflicts wounds on an individual far… Continue reading

Best Friends Forever – by Blessed

Last year when Amma gave me the “bad touch” talk. I decided to show off and tell Mia all about it. So in one of the free periods I told Mia all about the bad… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 3 : Impact and Healing

Impact and Healing   Q8. What is the impact of CSA on children/adults? The consequences of Child Sexual Abuse are diverse and numerous. Being sexually abused, impacts the life-world of children at the… Continue reading

CSA IN THE NEWS – April 23, 2014

Class 6 student gang-raped by minors in JharkhandTwo minor girls were allegedly sexually assaulted by teenagers – also minors – in two separate but shockingly similar incidents in Jharkhand and Rajasthan on Monday. Woman… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 2

Disclosure:   Q6.   Why don’t children disclose the abuse immediately? There are many reasons why children do not reveal the incident of abuse immediately or do not disclose it ever. a) In certain… Continue reading


Government school headmaster, teachers accused of sexually abusing 4 minor students Four minor girls of a government school in Rajasthan were allegedly sexually abused by the headmaster and two teachers of the institution… Continue reading

Parents, Know the Way Forward in a CSA Case – Ruth Dsouza Prabhu

The world seemed to stand still for a few moments when four-year-old Anahita* told her mother, Sunidhi, that Siddu uncle had been “playing naked games with her and that it hurt.” All Sunidhi… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 1

Arpan has sent us a very well compiled FAQ document which we will be posting as a 9 part post. Here is part 1   Introduction Q1. What is Child Sexual Abuse?            Child… Continue reading

Twitter This Week

This week in twitter we have for you Chat With Apran : Ms. Radhika Sharma, manager, healing services, Arpan will be having a holding a twitter chat on 22nd April at 12:30 pm… Continue reading