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CSA Awareness Event by Yowoto in Mumbai

On Saturday, 19th of April, some of the sharpest minds on the subject came together in Mumbai, to discuss child sexual abuse and answer questions from parents. Swati Popat Vats, president of Podar… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 9 : Concerns and Apprehension

Concerns and Apprehension Q35. How can parents talk about sensitive concepts like sexual abuse which is the core of Personal Safety? Parenting is not an easy task. Parents do take up the challenges… Continue reading

Twitter Chat with Dr Sonali Gupta on 29th April

Join us on Twitter today, Tuesday 12-1 pm IST, as we chat with Dr Sonali Gupta / @guptasonali . Sonali Gupta is a trained clinical psychologist with 10 years of practice. She has been working with TISS… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 8 : Information on Personal Safety Education

Information on Personal Safety Education   Q27. What is Personal Safety Education? Who can impart this? How can it be done and from what age? Personal Safety Education needs to be an on-going… Continue reading

When a Young Family Member turns Predator… – Ruth DSouza Prabhu

It was a night like any other when Suja* walked past the children’s room to head to the kitchen to get a glass of water. On her way back up, she heard a… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 7 : Intervening in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse

Intervening in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse:   Q25. If I come across a child who has been a victim of sexual abuse what should I do? It is very important that, as… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 6 : Creating Awareness

Engaging with CSA: Creating Awareness and Working towards Prevention: Q25. Considering that there is discomfort around talking about CSA as a taboo subject how would you go about bringing awareness? Education is the… Continue reading

‘A New Normal’ – eBook by Yowoto

We are proud to present A New Normal, a free downloadable ebook brought out by Yowoto (in  partnership with Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, among others). This book offers you a quick overview on… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 5 : Legal Intervention

Legal Intervention:   Q17. Is it mandatory to report a case of child sexual abuse to the police? Yes. Section 19 of the recently enacted The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act,… Continue reading

Twitter chat with Rashi Vidyasagar on 25th April

Join us on Twitter today, Friday 12-1 pm IST, as we chat with Rashi Vidyasagar / @mizarcle . Rashi has a masters degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration and has worked in CEHAT for the past one year.… Continue reading