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Message from Arpan – 8

Facts & Process Not only men but even women sexually abuse both girls and boys

Books as aids to keeping a child safe from sexual abuse

Let me begin by saying that literature for very small children does not lack cautionary tales. We have a multitude of nursery rhymes which bring up the element of abuse and bullying, introducing these as a… Continue reading

Message from Apran – 7

Facts & Process Children with low self esteem are more vulnerable to sexual abuse as they can be easily groomed for abuse

Anuja Gupta’s TwitChat Transcript

We had an amazing response to the twitchat we did with Anuja Gupdta from RAHI Foundation yesterday on twitter, below is a transcript of the chat. We intent to do another chat soon… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 6

Facts & Process Sexual Abuse can be categories into contact abuse or non-contact abuse: Contact Abuse: includes Penetrative sex – Peno – vaginal sex,  Anal sex, oral sex, touching  of the child’s private… Continue reading

Commonly asked questions about child sexual abuse

Commonly asked questions about child sexual abuse Child sexual abuse (CSA) is very common both in India as well as worldwide. Adults can help in fighting this menace by learning about all aspects… Continue reading

What Makes from an abuser from Womens Web

it is time to ask what makes for an abuser. After all, no young victim can control the abuse, but every perpetrator knows fully what he is doing (and I use ‘he’ here,… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 5

Facts & Process Child Abuse: Child abuse constitutes – all forms of physical and/or, emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment or commercial or  other exploitation, resulting in actual or potential harm… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 4

Facts & Process Children have right to Protection: Protection from abuse & neglect, economic exploitation etc

We need to stop talking and start acting

We often perpetrate our own horror. We avert our eyes, lower our gaze, and turn our heads. When we don’t want to see what’s so clearly in front of us, we become masters… Continue reading