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Safety First: The Shocking Truth about Sex Abuse – How to Protect Your Children from Predators

What Can We as Parents Do to Protect Our Children? First, we can’t assume our children, even our older children, understand sex abuse. Understandably, it’s a difficult topic to bring up, but as… Continue reading

Komal – A Film on CSA by Childline India

A video on CSA which can be watched with kids. A very useful video for parents. Link here – Same video in Hindi –

Twitter Chat with McAfee Cybermom on 8th April.

Twitter Chat with McAfee Cybermom, April 8, 11 am. Cybermum India: Anindita Mishra  On keeping kids safe from online predators.  Anindita Mishra is a McAfee appointed ‘Cybermum’- an evangelist of online child safety issues.… Continue reading

10 Ways To Talk To Your Kids About Sexual Abuse.

The idea of someone molesting your child is terrifying for any parent (unless the parent is the child molester, which is 37% of the time). The pain, fear, and trauma they may experience… Continue reading

Mothers, Aware! – Payal Shah Karwa

Mothers, Aware! Once upon a time in a village there was a secret mythological story about a Goddess who bathed naked in the village lake in the dead of the night. It was… Continue reading

The Word You Are Searching for Is Rape – Emily Bazelon

When a story breaks that involves sex without consent, like Dylan Farrow’s or Daisy Coleman’s, or the accounts of unnamed victims at Penn State or in Steubenville, Ohio, how do we decide when… Continue reading

Twitter Chat with Payal Shah Karwa on 3rd April.

On April 3, 2014, 12 pm IST, as part of CSA Awareness Month, we will host an hour long twitter chat with Payal Shah Karwa on her book, The Bad Touch.  Here is… Continue reading

What are we doing to our kids? Via Tehelka

To begin with, hear the story of one child. On 17 December 2012 — just one day after the gangrape of a young paramedic in New Delhi shook the world — a three-and-a-half-year… Continue reading

India’s Rape Epidemic: No End in Sight Via ‘The Daily Beast’

No, I don’t think there is an end to these godawful rapes anywhere in sight. (Monday April 22 headlines: “Three more minors raped in Delhi, protests snowball” and “Brutality in MP village, 4-yr-old… Continue reading

Ritu Learns The Touching Rules – Bed Time Story By Arpan

Ritu and Sameer were neighbors and were of the same age. They were best friends and loved to share their toys and play with each other.   One day, Ritu’s mother had not… Continue reading