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Account of ‘an abused, an abuser and a survivor’ – Anonymous

Okay so I have been abused. The reason I came here to CSAAM was maybe I wanted to find some closure and some understanding.  But as the days go by and the more and more… Continue reading

Wish it were a story – Anonymous

I remember it like it was yesterday. It is now more than 30 years ago that he touched me and yet it seems like it was not too long ago. There I was… Continue reading

India’s code of silence over sexual abuse – Rupa Jha

I was barely seven years old, living in a typically large middle-class family with five siblings and numerous other relatives sharing a two-bedroom flat with a terrace. My mother, a housewife, was always… Continue reading

The closure that I have long sought – Anonymous

I start my 40th decade of life, a 15th year of being married, a roller-coaster of a 10th with my son and a profoundly fulfilling 20th as a professional in the field of… Continue reading

What Would Make You Believe a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

I don’t know if you know an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I don’t know if you know what an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse looks, sounds, or acts like. So… Continue reading

‘I was abused as a child’: Kalki Koechlin

Breaking her silence on child abuse and her own personal nightmare, actress Kalki Koechlin explains why it’s important for families to speak out.     Link –

CSA, My Story – Anisha.

I was sitting in a single-screen theatre in Malad, watching Morning Raga, when it hit me. I was with two friends from school, enjoying the freedom that came with finishing one’s Tenth Standard… Continue reading

My Story of Abuse – Sithara.

“Well,I am sharing this story of mine here to spread awareness among people.I was a very talkative and an active kid! Innocence at its best!I was sexually abused when I was seven and… Continue reading

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month April 2013 – Courage By Thinking Cramps

It was a hot summer afternoon in Delhi. Coolers roared in every house, fighting the scorching heat. No one stepped out unless necessary. I was 8, and I was walking home alone from… Continue reading

A Survivor’s Story

I am 21 years old now. I was 7 years old when I was sexually abused by a man who came to do some maintenance work on our home. He used to be… Continue reading