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A Concluding Message from the CSAAM Team

And April is the Cruellest month (with apologies to T S Eliot) It has been one roller coaster of a month. Something we had never anticipated when we started out this effort to… Continue reading

CSAAM Poll Results

Do you think CSA exists as a problem in India? 98% of the people said yes it does exist as a problem What percentage of kids do you think are sexually abused in… Continue reading

Talkathon – It Can Only Get Better | Addressing CSA in India

TAALK will host a 24 hour internet radio show with guest speakers each hour covering a variety of topics related to child sexual abuse awareness, prevention and support. Hear 60+ speakers from around… Continue reading

Calling for stories

We all carry our own demons. Memories we have buried in our subconscious which we wish never to confront again. But maybe writing about our experiences would provide a much needed catharsis. We,… Continue reading

List of Possible Topics

Want to join the initiative but are not really sure what to post on. We have jotted down a list of possible topics you can post on. These are just some options and… Continue reading