A Bad Touch – Blessed

Amu was delighted as usual to see that her Pappen had come. He always came with chocolates. She liked him so much since her parents would never buy chocolates for her or her… Continue reading

Paedophiles are like Serial Killers – My Story by David Pittman

I was told by a GBI investigator something that has stuck with me to this day…a pedophile is like a serial killer that leaves his victims alive.I believe that most accurately describes a… Continue reading

CSA in Bollywood – Supriya Maulick Mahajan

Bollywood & Child Sexual Abuse We see the glamorous Switzerland locations, the chiffon saris, the OTT Punjabi MIL, the saccharine sweet Alok Nath and of course all the item numbers. We enjoy them… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 6 : Creating Awareness

Engaging with CSA: Creating Awareness and Working towards Prevention: Q25. Considering that there is discomfort around talking about CSA as a taboo subject how would you go about bringing awareness? Education is the… Continue reading

On being a good listener to CSA survivors – The Alternative

CSA Awareness Month team member Sunayana Roy spoke to The Alternative about listening to stories of abuse. Click here to read more.

‘A New Normal’ – eBook by Yowoto

We are proud to present A New Normal, a free downloadable ebook brought out by Yowoto (in  partnership with Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, among others). This book offers you a quick overview on… Continue reading

CSA FAQ by Arpan Part 5 : Legal Intervention

Legal Intervention:   Q17. Is it mandatory to report a case of child sexual abuse to the police? Yes. Section 19 of the recently enacted The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act,… Continue reading

A family in the dark: the vicious effects of domestic violence – Women’s Web

When a child is brought up in an environment of abuse, what impact does it have on a young mind? The effects of domestic violence can be vicious and long-running. Click here to read… Continue reading

Book Reviews: ‘Our Bodies’ & ‘The Bad Touch’

Blogger Itchingtowrite has reviewed two books that talk about Child Sexual Abuse at The Reading Corner. Our Bodies by Shruti Singhal (for younger readers) The Bad Touch by Payal Shah Karwa (for mature readers)

CSA IN THE NEWS – April 25, 2014

Supervisor of Bal Niketan arrested for sexual harassment of inmates Manish Kumar, supervisor of Bal Niketan in Chandigarh, arrested on charges of sexual harassment of minor girls but claims that he has been… Continue reading