CSA Survivor Story – 13

When I read posts in CSAA, I feel lucky that I have not been subject to the gruesome molestation that some of my blog sisters have been through. After all, nobody has lured… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 9

Irrespective of one’s age, one inappropriate touch, even if it a hasty groping, is enough to open one’s eyes to the world. Suddenly the world is not a safe place any more. Even… Continue reading

The Only Sin by Varun

On a windy morning when the sun shines bright, you get ready for office and walk towards the bus stop, oh such a nice day it is. You are walking by the road… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 12

Facts & Process National Study on Child Sexual Abuse-50% of sexual offenders were known to the child or were in positions of trust

The Dilemma of Dealing with CSA by Sue

Working on this project has been more than a little unsettling. Upsetting, even. All these stories pouring in, of children didn’t know what was being done to them, of childrwho didn’t know how… Continue reading

Where Did I Come from by Gauri

Sexuality.  Small word, huh ?  I know, by itself, it does not seem like much.  That word starts to take on a separate dimension, a totally different connotation when one looks at it from… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 12.

This is very difficult for me. But I really want to share my experience and help you draw pointers on how to be careful and how you can really ensure your child’s safety.… Continue reading

Brief Note on CSA by Dipali

Sexual abuse is insidious, pervasive, and can lurk in the most unexpected corners. As a young child, I never understood why my mother was so particular about never leaving my sister and I… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 8

Child sexual abuse is one of those,which goes un noticed,but daunt the victim.The issue is many parents are not conscious of this and many close their eyes as this will not happen to their… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 11

Facts & Process National Study on Child Sexual Abuse- More number of reported cases in age group 5 – 12 yrs