Get I T Safe By Vidya Reddy, Tulir

Nobody ever tells you that it is easy being a parent. You simply figure it out as you go along, and just when you think you have a handle on it, the rules… Continue reading

I AM Cast TwitChat Tanscript

Here is the transcript of chat with the IAMFilms cast namely Onir and Sanjay Suri Ques: Onir may be u can start by telling something abt IAM & how it started. Ans: I… Continue reading

“Ssshhhh”…The most common way of dealing with CSA in India by Kanupriya

She spoke to her mom first but mom being in need of money from that household just told the 8 year old Rajni to stay away from Sir. She replied, “but Maa I… Continue reading

TwitChats Coming up this week

This week we have two twitchats coming up with two experts. We got such a brilliant response to the first chat we did with Anuja Gupta of RAHI that she will be taking… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 11.

This is the story of a bright young man, Kartik, who studied in country’s best engineering colleges, pursued all his passions – photography, film making, singing, odyssey in villages – in fact he… Continue reading

Our Boys Need Watching Over By Rohini

I think one of the biggest misconceptions that people, especially those from the previous generation, harbour is that only girls need to be protected from sexual abuse. I have seen this in practice… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 10

Facts & Process National Study on Child Sexual Abuse- 2007: Both girls and boys are equally vulnerable. Boys are equally vulnerable to Child Sexual Abuse as girls are. It’s equally or more difficult… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 10.

A Post from The Trauma of Molestation. Lately, I have been thinking of this issue a lot more than earlier. Not that I have had a fresh experience to trigger the thought… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 9

Facts & Process National Study on Child Sexual Abuse- 2007: More than 53% of children in India report one or more forms of sexual abuse

To Sum It Up – 7

I am born and lived so many years in Kerala, which is 100% literate state of India. The state is well known for its people’s responsiveness and awareness about social issues as well. … Continue reading