Molestation, Dysfunctional Family for Ashely Judd

Ashley Judd offers a sad, sobering look into the home life of her famous family in her new memoir, “All That Is Bitter & Sweet.” Radar Online, which obtained a copy in advance of… Continue reading

Message from Apran – 7

Facts & Process Children with low self esteem are more vulnerable to sexual abuse as they can be easily groomed for abuse

To Sum it up – 4.

As children, we should learn to tell our parents about anything that doesn’t seem as normal as we’d think. I think parents should strive to develop a rapport with their children so that… Continue reading

Precautions a parent can take to ensure that their child is safe

When we grew up, child abuse was unheard. Surely, whenever such incidents occurred, they were brushed under the carpet, or the child themselves never felt comfortable or confident enough to tell any member… Continue reading

Good touch, bad touch & Sexually Abusive touch by JLT

As a mom of a 7 yr old, a part of parenting I’ve not given much thought to is child sexual abuse. I guess because I think of it as something that could… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 7.

She must have been 6 years old then. The family had moved to a new city as a result of her father’s transfer. And he must have been her father’s age. Being among… Continue reading

Anuja Gupta’s TwitChat Transcript

We had an amazing response to the twitchat we did with Anuja Gupdta from RAHI Foundation yesterday on twitter, below is a transcript of the chat. We intent to do another chat soon… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 6

Facts & Process Sexual Abuse can be categories into contact abuse or non-contact abuse: Contact Abuse: includes Penetrative sex – Peno – vaginal sex,  Anal sex, oral sex, touching  of the child’s private… Continue reading

To Sum it up – 3

Sheetal pulled at her uncle’s hand as she watched her favorite cartoon channel. He was sitting on the bed, a few feet away from the TV, and holding her as she stood between… Continue reading

Commonly asked questions about child sexual abuse

Commonly asked questions about child sexual abuse Child sexual abuse (CSA) is very common both in India as well as worldwide. Adults can help in fighting this menace by learning about all aspects… Continue reading