What Makes from an abuser from Womens Web

it is time to ask what makes for an abuser. After all, no young victim can control the abuse, but every perpetrator knows fully what he is doing (and I use ‘he’ here,… Continue reading

Save a Smile says ArtNavy

I bumped into a parent and doctor on the flight recently who said “Let kids get a lot of touch at home from their parents. Daily. Especially from the parent of the opposite… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 6.

Yes I have been a victim, and yes like many of you I have done nothing about it apart from carrying that guilt with me till date. Since the time me and Kiran started… Continue reading

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month By Sangitha

We have spoken to the kids about good touch and bad touch.  I am here the whole time and even have prescribed limits on where they can be in the community I live… Continue reading

To Sum it up – 2

Child abuse is a crime, however more than a crime it is a act that robs the sense among the small children. If you know any incident, don’t be afraid to raise a voice,… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 5

Facts & Process Child Abuse: Child abuse constitutes – all forms of physical and/or, emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment or commercial or  other exploitation, resulting in actual or potential harm… Continue reading

We Know and We Care

Child sexual abuse happens more often than one would like to believe. It was very inspiring to read about the stories of the survivors of sexual abuse. It was indeed brave of them… Continue reading

Education – The First Step to Prevent Abuse says Itchingtowrite

A pertinent question I often ask myself is – how do I make a child understand prevention of abuse unless the child understands what exactly is sexual abuse? Isn’t education the first step… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 5.

He was a helper in her uncle’s house and she used to call him as Bhaiya. The Uncle’s entire family used to treat him more like family than as servent and so she… Continue reading

Twitter Chat with I AM Cast

As a part of CSA intiative we are holding a twitter chat with the cast of I AM films namely Sanjay Suri and Onir, they will be chatting on issues relating to sexuality… Continue reading