Message from Arpan – 2

Continuing on Facts & Process: Grooming is a process by which the abuser wins the child’s trust.  For example the child may be given presents or told that they are “special”. Parents and… Continue reading

The Importance of Semantics – Safe and Unsafe vs Right and Wrong or Good and Bad

Our take on the terminology used as part of prevention programs: We understand that the terms “Good Touch” and “Bad Touch” “Right and Wrong Touch” have often been used to help children understand… Continue reading

How soon is it to begin, discusses Kiran.

It is never too early to teach your children about their bodies, and that no one has the authority to touch their bodies. The earlier the better I say. Don’t ever be the… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 2.

This is probably the first time that I have decided to pen my story of abuse and relive those moments. It’s time. I was probably seven years old when it all started. It… Continue reading

Recognize Child Sexual Abuse by Desi Girl

What is child sexual abuse? Child sexual abuse is defined as “utilizing a child for sexual gratification by an adult or older child in a position of power, or permitting another person to… Continue reading

Message From Arpan – 1

Arpan a NGO which does amazing work in prevention of CSA, will be sending us one message every day for our readers… Thanks Arpan Starting today are messages on Facts and Process Child… Continue reading

CSAAM April 2011, My Story by The Mad Momma.

I’m sorry I lost my innocence and I am sorry my parents lost their trust in the inherent goodness of people. But on the bright side, we’re working together to protect my children… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story -1.

My childhood, as I remember it, has been a procession of uncles. The old geezer, both feet in the grave who wanked all over me when I was barely five. The distant relative… Continue reading

Calling for stories

We all carry our own demons. Memories we have buried in our subconscious which we wish never to confront again. But maybe writing about our experiences would provide a much needed catharsis. We,… Continue reading

CSAAM – How it all started

Its all started on the road trip back from Lavasa, where a few of us bloggers had been invited to witness the Lavasa Womens Rally. Women being women, the discussions veered from blogging… Continue reading