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The World and Life of a Child – Nischala.

That one wrong thought That one inappropriate word That one dirty look That one bad touch That one unfortunate act That one unforgettable secret That one moment of fear That one thing which… Continue reading

Boy, you aren’t safe either! – Padmalatha.

Boy, you aren’t safe either! Patriarchy is designed to protect men. But it leaves out vulnerable young boys. They meet the same fate as girls when it comes to sexual abuse.  The fact… Continue reading

My Story of Abuse – Sithara.

“Well,I am sharing this story of mine here to spread awareness among people.I was a very talkative and an active kid! Innocence at its best!I was sexually abused when I was seven and… Continue reading

Letting Go to Keep Him Safe – Sunayana Roy.

I start April 2014 with the resolve to not let fears of CSA make me a paranoid parent. Rahul is seven and a half, and there will soon be another child to watch… Continue reading

Tread gently… C for children – By Aarti KrishnaKumar

I recall watching this one episode of Satyameva Jayate where the chosen topic was Child sexual abuse. A few who had been abused during their younger years participated, shared their stories and also… Continue reading

Tujh Se Naraaz Nahi Zindagi… – By Aneela

I had planned that I would for this post..out of respect to the theme..drop the “reference to song” link. I think I picked up this whole, respect-music-frivolous songs-serious moments tamasha while listening to… Continue reading

Break the Silence – By Meeta Sengupta

As I stood in the school uniform queue with my son, a large gentleman came up from behind and pushed him aside. Not rough, but certainly without permission. As I flared in anger,… Continue reading

They are children too! by Sandhya

Childhood. The concept of childhood as we understand is a pretty recent one. In the middle ages, in a world where the same occupations were practiced through generations, children were considered an asset.… Continue reading

Sexualization of Children by Vidyut

There is a kind of social, emotional abandonment of childhood itself, which I see as a growing phenomenon of our “modernity”. Recently, I had argued on a group forum about the lack of… Continue reading