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To Sum It Up – 7

I am born and lived so many years in Kerala, which is 100% literate state of India. The state is well known for its people’s responsiveness and awareness about social issues as well. … Continue reading

In the Mind of Pain and Shame by Goofy Mumma

Sex, abuse, children, pain, shame, fear, life-long mental agony. These are the things that come to mind when I hear, Child Sexual Abuse.These are my perceptions, my ideas. And I doubt they are very… Continue reading

Books as aids to keeping a child safe from sexual abuse

Let me begin by saying that literature for very small children does not lack cautionary tales. We have a multitude of nursery rhymes which bring up the element of abuse and bullying, introducing these as a… Continue reading

To Sum it up -5

Here are links to some blog posts from bloggers which were published long back but  relevant to CSA. I fervently believed that I had sinned in my earlier birth for these bad things… Continue reading

To Sum it up – 4.

As children, we should learn to tell our parents about anything that doesn’t seem as normal as we’d think. I think parents should strive to develop a rapport with their children so that… Continue reading

Good touch, bad touch & Sexually Abusive touch by JLT

As a mom of a 7 yr old, a part of parenting I’ve not given much thought to is child sexual abuse. I guess because I think of it as something that could… Continue reading

To Sum it up – 3

Sheetal pulled at her uncle’s hand as she watched her favorite cartoon channel. He was sitting on the bed, a few feet away from the TV, and holding her as she stood between… Continue reading

Save a Smile says ArtNavy

I bumped into a parent and doctor on the flight recently who said “Let kids get a lot of touch at home from their parents. Daily. Especially from the parent of the opposite… Continue reading

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month By Sangitha

We have spoken to the kids about good touch and bad touch.  I am here the whole time and even have prescribed limits on where they can be in the community I live… Continue reading

To Sum it up – 2

Child abuse is a crime, however more than a crime it is a act that robs the sense among the small children. If you know any incident, don’t be afraid to raise a voice,… Continue reading