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Education – The First Step to Prevent Abuse says Itchingtowrite

A pertinent question I often ask myself is – how do I make a child understand prevention of abuse unless the child understands what exactly is sexual abuse? Isn’t education the first step… Continue reading

To Sum it up – 1

We have been overwhelmed by the response, touched by the response. So many stories, so many posts. Thank you for supporting us and caring enough for the cause. However owing to this its… Continue reading

Guard your sons too says Monika

I think its a inherit part of our culture which makes us believe that boys are above all this. We as a society don’t want to handle the CSA issue because for us the… Continue reading

Protecting Boys from CSA by Sue

He has been born a boy in a world where he is expected to let go of my protection much sooner than a sister of his would, where he is expected to deal… Continue reading

How to be strong by Kumari

Every night as I tuck them to sleep, I whisper a promise to protect them with all my might and wisdom and then I cry inside because I am scared that despite all… Continue reading

How soon is it to begin, discusses Kiran.

It is never too early to teach your children about their bodies, and that no one has the authority to touch their bodies. The earlier the better I say. Don’t ever be the… Continue reading

Recognize Child Sexual Abuse by Desi Girl

What is child sexual abuse? Child sexual abuse is defined as “utilizing a child for sexual gratification by an adult or older child in a position of power, or permitting another person to… Continue reading

CSAAM April 2011, My Story by The Mad Momma.

I’m sorry I lost my innocence and I am sorry my parents lost their trust in the inherent goodness of people. But on the bright side, we’re working together to protect my children… Continue reading