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Empowering children to say “NO” !! By Gauri

It is like one of those things that people know exists – yet something that people do not want to acknowledge.  All of us know for certain that this is a big bad world… Continue reading

We love our children. A tad too much. – By Kabir

For the past three weeks, I’ve been working with an NGO that strives to eradicate child sexual abuse  from India. Truth be told, they haven’t had much success so far. Primarily because of the… Continue reading

The silence that damns us all- India’s Child Sex Abuse Epidemic By The Armchair Philosopher

This is the month of April. April has been traditionally observed as Child Sex Abuse Awareness Month (CSAAM) by the Child Sex Abuse Awareness Group. (CSAAwareness) They run a blog and also host… Continue reading

“Everybody’s Responsibility” by Pallavi

This is the first time I am writing on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). I do not have any kids; however, this topic is as close to my heart as any parent. I have… Continue reading

“The Monster in Our Midst” by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar.

Amartya Sen, the Nobel-prize-winning economist in his book, The Argumentative Indian, posits that we Indians have a long tradition of argument and public debate. And yet, despite this continuing vigor for discussion, the sexual abuse… Continue reading

A new look at child abuse – Vidyut

The most vulnerable, exploited and unrepresented minority ANYWHERE in the world is children. Abuse is a process of disrespect, hurt and neglect and children are abused by default. I’ll go right ahead and… Continue reading

Why is my baby scared? -The Madmomma

MM? Her voice on the phone was nervous, jittery. Unlike her usual chirpy, vivacious self. What’s wrong, love? I ask her. She needs little encouragement and the whole story comes tumbling out. They’re… Continue reading

From Each One Of Us: What Can Be Done and What Can Be Stopped…..

My readers may be wondering as of why I am pouring out all my saga. My answer to such – definitely not to garner sympathy or popularity and also I absolutely need no help… Continue reading

“Every Child Deserves a Beautiful Childhood, Nothing Less.”

Having an elder brother, especially in the Indian society, is considered to be very fortunate for any girl. Mainly because of the customs and rituals, which ask for an elder brother, all through… Continue reading

‘Give Me Strength’ by Amitha Singh

I tremble, I shake; Break into a cold sweat. Take him to a remote lake; He deserves every piece of lead! CSA, oh God! Make it stop! Take it out of my very… Continue reading