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“C is for Child Sexual Abuse” by Monika.

So if a child doesn’t tell you (about the abuse), how does a parent/care giver figure out… according to the internet and various manuals I have read, some warnings to watch out would… Continue reading

‘Is banning co-educational institutions and putting girls in overcoats the solution?’ by Kiran Manral

As I write this, the newspapers tell me that the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has demanded that co-education be abolished in India to prevent rapes from happening. In their list of 11 suggestions made to… Continue reading

‘Being okay with child sexual abuse’ by Vidyut

It is no coincidence that the ordinance the government pulled out of its hat did not include child marriage. Child marriage is still quite prevalent in India, and it would make orthodox patriarchs… Continue reading

To the unborn child – Pinksocks

Hello baby,   Trust your instincts, they shall never let you down. If you feel someone’s action is not right and is making you feel bad about yourself, trust this feeling. Ask questions… Continue reading

A brutal story, and an interview – By Dipali Taneja

Roll of Honour is set in a military school in Punjab, during the early eighties, an extremely troubled time in the state. Sikh militancy is one the rise, as is its brutal suppression… Continue reading

‘Why are our children not safe at school?’ by Kiran Manral

Most parents choose to play down an incident of sexual abuse even if it does come to their notice, fearing that their child would be impacted negatively from the reactions of those around… Continue reading

‘Let’s talk about the elephant in the room’ by Kiran Manral

The unreported is what we are all familiar with. The “Don’t talk about it with anyone,” the “Don’t be alone with that uncle/cousin”, the “what did you do, it must have been your… Continue reading

‘How to Prevent Online Child Sexual Abuse’ by Sue

When we think of CSA online we mostly think in terms of child pornography websites. Some of us worry about letting yound children have social networking accounts because of the peer pressure and… Continue reading

CSA awareness month might be over by The Mad Momma

We were at a kiddy birthday party some months ago and either the Brat or the Bean ( I forget which one) came running out screaming,  ’We’re playing doctor and look what X… Continue reading

The Usual Suspects by Mom Gone Mad

He grabs her by the wrist, the grip firm yet cajoling. The alcohol on his breath hangs like vapour between them as he pushes her against the wall with his hips. His daring… Continue reading