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Book Reviews: ‘Our Bodies’ & ‘The Bad Touch’

Blogger Itchingtowrite has reviewed two books that talk about Child Sexual Abuse at The Reading Corner. Our Bodies by Shruti Singhal (for younger readers) The Bad Touch by Payal Shah Karwa (for mature readers)

Never a Hero to Me Review by WordsnDreamz

Tracy Black is the pseudonym for the author who writes about her childhood of abuse. Tracy was just 5 years old when her mother got hospitalized and her father uses the opportunity to… Continue reading

Bitter Chocolate Review by _alps

Bitter Chocolate is book by a journalist Pinki Virani, who has also authored a critically acclaimed novel Aruna’s Story. Bitter Chocolateis a book about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in India, interspersed with facts,… Continue reading

HUSH by Manta Ray

I first heard of Hush it was after we started organising and talking about CSA. A friend mentioned that HUSH is a very hard-hitting book on CSA. I looked up the net and… Continue reading