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‘A New Normal’ – eBook by Yowoto

We are proud to present A New Normal, a free downloadable ebook brought out by Yowoto (in  partnership with Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, among others). This book offers you a quick overview on… Continue reading

Book Review for CSAAM – Deeptha.

Books are your best friends. Especially when it comes to dealing with a topic as sensitive as child abuse. Several titles have been published about how to help young children recognize and deal… Continue reading

Book: From Child Sexual Abuse to Adult Sexual Risk: Trauma, Revictimization, and Intervention

The American Psychological Association has published a 346 book titled, From Child Sexual Abuse to Adult Sexual Risk: Trauma, Revictimization, and Intervention edited by Linda J. Koenig, PhD; Lynda S. Doll, PhD; Ann O’Leary, PhD; and… Continue reading

Never a Hero to Me Review by WordsnDreamz

Tracy Black is the pseudonym for the author who writes about her childhood of abuse. Tracy was just 5 years old when her mother got hospitalized and her father uses the opportunity to… Continue reading

Bitter Chocolate Review by _alps

Bitter Chocolate is book by a journalist Pinki Virani, who has also authored a critically acclaimed novel Aruna’s Story. Bitter Chocolateis a book about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in India, interspersed with facts,… Continue reading

HUSH by Manta Ray

I first heard of Hush it was after we started organising and talking about CSA. A friend mentioned that HUSH is a very hard-hitting book on CSA. I looked up the net and… Continue reading

Books as aids to keeping a child safe from sexual abuse

Let me begin by saying that literature for very small children does not lack cautionary tales. We have a multitude of nursery rhymes which bring up the element of abuse and bullying, introducing these as a… Continue reading