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The silence that damns us all – India’s Child Sex Abuse Epidemic – The Armchair Philosopher

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to traumatise it. Much like any other kind of sexual abuse, child sexual abuse inflicts wounds on an individual far… Continue reading

What is Child Sexual Abuse?

There is no universal definition of child sexual abuse. However, a central characteristic of any abuse is the dominant position of an adult that allows him or her to force or coerce a… Continue reading

Cindrella Mehfuz’s TwitChat Transcript

We have CSA survivor @CindrellaMehfuz here to take your questions. Please send in your questions to her hashtagged #CSAAM Q. Welcome to CSA awareness month @CindrellaMehfuz. Would you like to tell us a… Continue reading

Anuja Gupta’s TwitChat Transcript

We had an amazing response to the twitchat we did with Anuja Gupdta from RAHI Foundation yesterday on twitter, below is a transcript of the chat. We intent to do another chat soon… Continue reading