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Protecting Children from Abuse – Message from Tulir

It is overwhelming, disturbing, unimaginable.. possibly. So here is a posting which you can use a starting point to ensure your child and other children you know can be protected.

A video – Psychologist Speak – Obedience and Silence are not always virtues.

Psychologist Speak – Obedience and Silence are not always virtues.

A video – Psychologist Speak on CSA Awareness

Psychologist Speak on CSA Awareness

Child Abuse is Closer to us than we think – Message from Tulir

“When we see terrible stories of child abuse in the news, it’s easy to think this is happening somewhere far away, to people we don’t know. It might surprise you to learn that… Continue reading

Nobody is above any “evil” – Message from Tulir

This is a reminder that child sexual abuse can be perpetrated by anybody, including religious and spiritual leaders. In India such leaders are often considered above any “evil” which silences survivors and their… Continue reading

A video – Fact File on CSA Awareness

Fact file on CSA Awareness

Indian Child Abusers – Message from Tulir

It must be understood that there are quite a few child sex abusers who are Indian citizens, arrested in the US but now back in India often under a program called Operation Predator.… Continue reading

Societal Conditioning – Message from Tulir

“We live in a society that teaches “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape”.And some of us even question what others “did” to get raped because we are so conditioned to think in… Continue reading

Systematic Categorization of Crimes – Message from Tulir

We have a long way to go for systematic categorization, collation and compilation of crimes in India. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) under the aegis of the Ministry of Home Affairs, currently… Continue reading

A video – Speak Up ! It’s not your fault – (part 3)

Speak Up ! It’s not your fault – (part 3)