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A society’s Integrity – Message from Tulir

A society’s integrity and worth is not based on whether cases of violence and abuse exist. Instead a society’s integrity is based on the acceptance of the possibilities of violence being inflicted on… Continue reading

A video – Parent Speak on CSA Awareness

Madhuri Banerjee, author of Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas, speaks to us about how she is building bonds with her three year old child. Communication and willingness to listen to your… Continue reading

Wake up and Be Aware – Message from Tulir

Every child is vulnerable to abuse since it is not really possible to profile an abuser. However there are patterns of behaviour to watch out for, which should give impetus for further scrutiny.… Continue reading

Unlock the Secrets with your Listening – Message from Tulir

…And there are bystanders who don’t want survivors to tell, who can’t endure the awful exposure of people they love, trust or know — present or past. ………….The majority of survivors haven’t told… Continue reading

Child Protection – Message from Tulir

Please share far and wide and start the conversation if you have not already started it. Imagine how awesome it would be that everyone of you start this conversation with just one more… Continue reading

Supporting Victims of Sexual Abuse – Message from Tulir

What should I do if someone discloses to me that they were a victim of sexual abuse? If someone you know discloses sexual abuse, believe them, listen attentively, affirm the fact that they… Continue reading

The semantics of Vocabulary – Message from Tulir

The semantics of vocabulary – words reflect an attitude, an attitude is reflected in behaviour which becomes an habit!

Men and Rape – Message from Tulir

“The study, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that when rape was defined as oral or anal penetration, one in 71 men said they had been raped or had been… Continue reading

Healing is Possible – Message from Tulir

“Healing is possible. It takes time. It takes courage. It takes trusting another human being enough to open up your mind and your heart to speak your truth. If I had a chance… Continue reading

Having New Eyes: Viewing Child Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Problem – Message from Tulir

“Imagine a childhood disease that affects one in five girls and one in seven boys before they reach 18 (Finkelhor & Dziuba-Leatherman, 1994): a disease that can cause dramatic mood swings, erratic behavior,… Continue reading