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The Good, Bad & the Ugly

When I heard about the second year of CSA, I knew I had to contribute. Last year, I had written about my own experience. Yes, I was a victim. Yes, I was once… Continue reading

Abuse and Engaging Children – Message from Tulir

“Sexual abuse typically occurs in an environment of secrecy and emotional manipulation. Parents can help protect their children by making sure that they are knowledgeable and emotionally strong to deal with such issues.… Continue reading

Youth Bullying – Message from Tulir

While youth bullying experiences and sexual violence perpetration are both major public health problems, little research exists on the positive associations between the two. Published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, A recent… Continue reading

Sex Offenses Link to Juveniles – Message from Tulir

Previous studies by the UNH Crimes against Children Research Center of sex offenses against minors show that 36 percent of the offenses were committed by juveniles. Other research estimates up to 50 percent… Continue reading

Pressurizing Children – Message from Tulir

The UN’s World Report on Violence against Children (2006) noted that “Teachers and other children commonly put pressure on children to make them conform to cultural values and social attitudes that define what… Continue reading

CSA Facts

The primary reason that the public is not sufficiently aware of child sexual abuse as a problem is that 73% of child victims do not tell anyone about the abuse for at least… Continue reading

Nice Girl Syndrome – Message from Tulir

“Survivors, especially those who have been emotionally, physically, or sexually abused, can give people too many chances. While the healthy response to abusive behavior is to feel self-protective, even to the point of… Continue reading

About The Initiative

As we all know and can vouch for, sexual abuse of children is not an isolated instance, in fact I can ( thanks to informal discussions with friends and family) aver that 90 per cent of… Continue reading