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Message from Arpan 2012 | 7

Statistics shows that one in every two children is sexually abused! 53% children reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse. 22% reported facing severe forms of sexual abuse and 50.76%… Continue reading

Message from Arpan 2012 | 6

Emphasize that children must say NO to any action/touch that causes discomfort or unease to them. For example, if the child is feeling uneasy about anybody giving them a hug, don’t pressurize them… Continue reading

Message from Arpan 2012 | 5

One of the important ways for prevention is to teach children about touches, just like we teach our children safety rules about crossing the road, we should also teach them about safe and… Continue reading

Message from Arpan 2012 | 4

CSA affects the child negatively, causing: Shame, guilt & anger. Fear, shock & confusion Constant illness Possible exploitative relationships in the future Social withdrawal Inappropriate sexualised behaviour. *These behavioural changes MAY be indicative… Continue reading

Message from Arpan 2012 | 3

1. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) includes the following contact and non-contact behaviour: Contact behaviour: Penetration of anus, vagina, oral sex. Fondling child’s private body parts. Making the child fondle private body parts. Noncontact:… Continue reading

Message From Arpan 2012 | 2

Child sexual abuse is a violation of a child’s body as well as of the trust, implicit in a care giving relationship.