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CSA in the news – April 18, 2014

CSA IN THE NEWS – April 18, 2014   Sleeping 7-year-old kidnapped and raped A seven-year-old girl was picked up while she was sleeping with her family outside their shanty on DBG Road… Continue reading

“I am sorry” says a mother – Harish Iyer

A month ago, had met a single mother of an adult boy who was sexually abused by a close female relative as a child. The mother was being overtly sympathetic towards the abuser… Continue reading

‘Give Me Strength’ by Amitha Singh

I tremble, I shake; Break into a cold sweat. Take him to a remote lake; He deserves every piece of lead! CSA, oh God! Make it stop! Take it out of my very… Continue reading

ACHR highlights 630 cases of child sexual abuse in Mizoram between 2003-2009.

The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) while releasing its report titled “State of Juvenile Justice in Mizoram” today stated that there is an alarming increase in child abuse as well as juvenile… Continue reading

Child Sexual Abuse ‘Alarmingly Common’ in India.

The sexual abuse of minors is “alarmingly common” in India, where victims are forced to keep silent to protect family honor, according to the study “Breaking the Silence: Child Sexual Abuse in India”,… Continue reading

“Impact of Therapy CSA story 1” by Arpan.

Family background: I am Neha and come from a middle-class family of 6. My mother is a house wife; while my father was always busy fulfilling the financial needs of the family. Incident:… Continue reading

Unfair Age Gap? Post by Sue

In older books that we consider classics, Daddy Long Legs, for example (a book of which I am personally very fond) or in new ones like Twilight, we willingly accept girls as young… Continue reading

Age, Sex, Consent by AamJanata

Recently, Brazil went on a spree for cleaning its reputation for sex tourism as a prelude to being spanking clean for the 2014 World Cup. In 2011, their government identified 2,169 websites with… Continue reading

Friends as foes – CSAAM April 2012 by Life Begins

Scene 1 : visiting friend’s place for a get-together .. Ofcourse with family…kid in tow. “Friends” are well known. They dont meet everyday but still often enough and gladly. Kids also have company… Continue reading

CSA Awareness Month 2012

When we wrote this concluding post last year, in our hearts of heart, we knew this effort was far from over. We knew that we had started the discussion, created some noise, people… Continue reading