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Message from Apran 2012 | 1

Child sexual abuse is any act using a child for the sexual gratification of the more powerful person

Brief Legal Overview on CSA By Supriya

Whkat is child sexual abuse?   World Health Organization (WHO) defines child sexual abuse as, ‘inappropriate sexual behavior with a child’ and ‘involving a child in sexually activity that he or she doesn’t… Continue reading

Transcript of Twit Chat–2 with Anuja Gupta

  Ques : Can you give us a little background on Kavita if thats ok? Ans : mother of 3 daughters and is now involved as a volunteer with RAHI as a way… Continue reading

April for Abuse Awareness By Orange Jammies

All through April, Indian bloggers from several countries have come together to raise awareness about child sexual abuse on the blogosphere; sharing survivor stories, debunking myths, listing red flags, answering questions and providing… Continue reading