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Message From Arpan – 3

Facts & Process: Accommodation means a child’s response to abuse as a result of grooming, where the child sees no way to escape ongoing abuse and thus learns to adapt.

Message from Arpan – 2

Continuing on Facts & Process: Grooming is a process by which the abuser wins the child’s trust.  For example the child may be given presents or told that they are “special”. Parents and… Continue reading

The Importance of Semantics – Safe and Unsafe vs Right and Wrong or Good and Bad

Our take on the terminology used as part of prevention programs: We understand that the terms “Good Touch” and “Bad Touch” “Right and Wrong Touch” have often been used to help children understand… Continue reading

Message From Arpan – 1

Arpan a NGO which does amazing work in prevention of CSA, will be sending us one message every day for our readers… Thanks Arpan Starting today are messages on Facts and Process Child… Continue reading