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Message from Arpan – 24

  Emotional Isolation Children who are abused can be very emotionally isolated. The abuser can force the child to keep the abuse a secret. If the abuser is a family member, the child… Continue reading

Protecting Children from Abuse – Message from Tulir

It is overwhelming, disturbing, unimaginable.. possibly. So here is a posting which you can use a starting point to ensure your child and other children you know can be protected.

CSA and the forbidden S word by Deepa Ranganathan

“There is a difference between pornography and education. And our massively porn-consuming society fails to get it.” Harish Iyer is a CSA survivor based in Mumbai. An equal rights activist, he is best… Continue reading

A video – Psychologist Speak – Obedience and Silence are not always virtues.

Psychologist Speak – Obedience and Silence are not always virtues.

Message from Arpan – 23

Its not your fault If you were raped or sexually abused as a child, the first thing you should know is that it is not your fault, you did not cause it, and… Continue reading

Save Kids : Sensitize them about Good Touch & Bad Touch by Munish Sharma

One in two kids in India faces sexual abuse of some kind, as against the global average of one in five. You need to sensitize your child about the good touch and the… Continue reading

A video – Psychologist Speak on CSA Awareness

Psychologist Speak on CSA Awareness

Message from Arpan – 22

  Its not your fault If you are dealing with the effects of child sexual abuse, please remember that you are not responsible for the abuse. No one ever deserves to be abused.… Continue reading

Child Abuse is Closer to us than we think – Message from Tulir

“When we see terrible stories of child abuse in the news, it’s easy to think this is happening somewhere far away, to people we don’t know. It might surprise you to learn that… Continue reading

Nobody is above any “evil” – Message from Tulir

This is a reminder that child sexual abuse can be perpetrated by anybody, including religious and spiritual leaders. In India such leaders are often considered above any “evil” which silences survivors and their… Continue reading