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CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 28, 29 & 30

A video – Discussions of Child Sexual Exploitation and Current Initiatives Being Used to Protect children – Message … http://wp.me/p1pP52-fO Young Mum by Pallavi Borah http://wp.me/p1pP52-my CSA Awareness Month April 2012 – Grey… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 21,22,23 & 24

Systematic Categorization of Crimes – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-fz CSAAM 2012: The Forest of Dark by chocoholicbookworm http://wp.me/p1pP52-mc Societal Conditioning – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-fB No Penetration Please by Ipsita Banerjee http://wp.me/p1pP52-m9 Indian… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 20

Positive Communication – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-fx Join us for a twitter chat at noon today with CSA survivor @CindrellaMehfuz on ‘Forgiving. Moving On. And still loving.’ #CSAAM The topic for today’s tweets… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 19

Invisible Scars – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-fs The topic for today’s CSA tweets is why are some children soft targets, what makes some children more vulnerable to abuse. #CSAAM Some children are more… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 18

Low Conviction Rate – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-fo The topic for today’s tweets is CSA in popular literature. Kicking off, with of course, Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. #CSAAM The following information on Lolita, the… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 17

We need more experts willing to be part of twitter chats on CSA related topics. Lawyers/counselors /educations/NGOs please volunteer. Staying Safe Online – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-fm The topic for today’s tweets is… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 13

Wake up and Be Aware – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-fe Our today’s twitter topic to create awareness on CSA is Female genital mutilation or FGM. #CSAAM Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as… Continue reading