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The monster all parents need to know about – Kids Stop Press

CSA Awareness Month has contributed a piece on child sexual abuse and CSAAM to the popular parenting website Kids Stop Press. Click here to read our say on why and how CSAAM began and… Continue reading

Ritu Learns The Touching Rules – Bed Time Story By Arpan

Ritu and Sameer were neighbors and were of the same age. They were best friends and loved to share their toys and play with each other.   One day, Ritu’s mother had not… Continue reading

Assertive Tara – Bed time Story By Arpan

Arpan shares with you this story and encourages parents/adults to use it as a tool to make children aware about Child Sexual Abuse and discuss Personal Safety Rules with Children in order to… Continue reading

Unlearning safe touch with children – By The Alternative

Catching them young, Mumbai based NGO Arpan runs personal safety education classes in schools to identify and prevent child sexual abuse. Deepa Ranganathan observes how these sessions teach important lessons to kids on… Continue reading

About The Initiative

As we all know and can vouch for, sexual abuse of children is not an isolated instance, in fact I can ( thanks to informal discussions with friends and family) aver that 90 per cent of… Continue reading