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A family in the dark: the vicious effects of domestic violence – Women’s Web

When a child is brought up in an environment of abuse, what impact does it have on a young mind? The effects of domestic violence can be vicious and long-running. Click here to read… Continue reading

Orange candies – fictional piece by Rashmi

I am Munna and Mili is my best friend. We are in 3rd standard. We love playing in the park. She likes to play on the swing and I like the slide. So,… Continue reading

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month April 2013 – Courage By Thinking Cramps

It was a hot summer afternoon in Delhi. Coolers roared in every house, fighting the scorching heat. No one stepped out unless necessary. I was 8, and I was walking home alone from… Continue reading

Indian children protest against rape via ‘The Guardian’


Against Child Sexual Abuse – A video by Arpan

Kids React – 2

By shouting on top of our voice… not that we dont do that often. But this time was it really loud, ear piercing screams…. Mumma was taking bath, dada gone to office and dadi had… Continue reading

Kids React 1

So we have been getting a lot of survivor stories sad depressing tales which scare us but are realities of CSA. We have been getting a lot of suggestions from experts on how… Continue reading