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When a Young Family Member turns Predator… – Ruth DSouza Prabhu

It was a night like any other when Suja* walked past the children’s room to head to the kitchen to get a glass of water. On her way back up, she heard a… Continue reading

Smt Sudesh Jhaku vs KCJ (Del HC, 1998)

Saurav Datta (@SauravDatta29) tweeted at 3:53 AM on Sun, Apr 27, 2014: Sudesh Jhaku v KCJ (Del HC, 1998) – sustained CSA described pornographically  as the “yin yang of pain and lust”   https://t.co/3C6DCVJ94U Warning:… Continue reading

Parents, Know the Way Forward in a CSA Case – Ruth Dsouza Prabhu

The world seemed to stand still for a few moments when four-year-old Anahita* told her mother, Sunidhi, that Siddu uncle had been “playing naked games with her and that it hurt.” All Sunidhi… Continue reading

Iraq moves bill to legalise child marriage and marital rape, sparks fury

A bill before Iraq’s parliament that opponents say legalises child marriage and marital rape has sparked controversy ahead of elections as secular activists face off against the draft law’s backers. The bill, the… Continue reading

Boys Don’t Cry – Deepa Ranganathan

A male victim of child sex abuse is burdened, not only by the abuse and everything that it brings, but also by being a ‘victim’ – a position traditionally reserved for women. Anuja… Continue reading

India gang rape prompts tough new laws on sexual assault

India dramatically tightened its laws on sexual assault and trafficking on Sunday, with a far-reaching package of measures rushed through to satisfy public opinion in the wake of the horrific gang rape and murder… Continue reading

The Hope For Future – The New Bill

The Indian Penal Code does little to address  the range of sexual offences against children – very often the gravity of the crime cannot be addressed with appropriate legal redress. The lack of… Continue reading

Transcript of the Chat with Smriti Kaul

Brief on Legal Situation in India To begin it is very unfortunate that in India we do not have any specific laws governing Child Sexual Abuse.  Hence more often than not we are… Continue reading