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CHILDLINE and Child Sexual Abuse on Satyamev Jayate

Whom does a child turn to when the one he trusts with all of his heart turns abuser? In a nut-shell, the second episode of Aamir Khan’s television show was simply heart-wrenching. It… Continue reading

Protesters lift lid on child abuse in India

As word spread that a seven-year-old girl had died from injuries resulting from a sexual assault at her school, a crowd of angry bystanders grew outside the New Delhi hospital where her body… Continue reading

Breaking the Silence -Child Sexual Abuse in India

A Brief introduction on the Organization, Human Rights Watch: Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. We stand with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, to… Continue reading

CNN grieves that guilty verdict ruined ‘promising’ lives of Steubenville rapists

CNN broke the news on Sunday of a guilty verdict in a rape case in Steubenville, Ohio by lamenting that the “promising” lives of the rapists had been ruined, but spent very little… Continue reading

Lesson From Steubenville Trial: How Jock Culture Morphs Into Rape Culture

In Steubenville, Ohio, in a trial featuring all sorts of  cringe- inducing , jaw dropping testimony about everyday teenage behavior, perhaps the most galling aspect was that 17-year-old Trent Mays and 16-year-old Ma’lik Richmond, two… Continue reading

Most Powerful Child Abuse Ads Ever Created.

“If you don’t fight child abuse, who will?” Click here to see all the ads. Image source – https://www.buzzfeed.com/copyranter/most-powerful-anti-child-abuse-ads-from-the-last-five-years

India gang rape prompts tough new laws on sexual assault

India dramatically tightened its laws on sexual assault and trafficking on Sunday, with a far-reaching package of measures rushed through to satisfy public opinion in the wake of the horrific gang rape and murder… Continue reading

‘The Age Of Innocence’ by Nishita Jha

THREE YEARS ago, Akshay, a 14-year-old from a posh Delhi school, rolled his eyes at me when I asked him if he was a virgin. “These ideas are outdated man, what’s the big deal… Continue reading

ACHR highlights 630 cases of child sexual abuse in Mizoram between 2003-2009.

The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) while releasing its report titled “State of Juvenile Justice in Mizoram” today stated that there is an alarming increase in child abuse as well as juvenile… Continue reading

‘Is banning co-educational institutions and putting girls in overcoats the solution?’ by Kiran Manral

As I write this, the newspapers tell me that the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has demanded that co-education be abolished in India to prevent rapes from happening. In their list of 11 suggestions made to… Continue reading