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‘Why are our children not safe at school?’ by Kiran Manral

Most parents choose to play down an incident of sexual abuse even if it does come to their notice, fearing that their child would be impacted negatively from the reactions of those around… Continue reading

CSAAM 2013 – Tweets from the chat with Svati Bhatkal.

Q . @content_rules : To start with, Svati, could you tell us why the SMJ team took up CSA as one of the topics for the show. #CSAAM A. @CSAawareness It’s a widespread… Continue reading

Child Sexual Abuse: Break the Silence.

Who can forget the powerful episode on Child Sexual Abuse in Satyamev Jaate last year by Aamir Khan? Here is the video if you have nt watched it. – http://www.satyamevjayate.in/issue02/

Child Sexual Abuse – A conspiracy of Silence by The Alternative

Sitting around my house, a friend Anna Mathews* recounted a childhood experience for us. It came quite out of nowhere. She told us of how her maternal uncle would place her on his… Continue reading