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Interview with NGOs by Chandni

What words should adults use in helping children identify touches? Is it okay to say ‘good touch’/‘bad touch’? Pooja Taparia, Founder of Arpan (PT): Nope. ‘Safe touch’ and ‘Unsafe touch’ is best to… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 29

Child Sexual Abuse- Healing Messages Realize that it is not the child’s fault and tell the child so. “what happened to you was not your fault”

Message from Arpan – 28

Child Sexual Abuse- Healing Messages Give positive messages after the child discloses about sexual absue – I’m glad you told me, It was very brave of you to talk about it, I will… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 27

Child Sexual Abuse- Healing Messages Believe the child. Do not blame the child for what has happened.

Message from Arpan – 26

And today we move on a very important but less talked abt area Child Sexual Abuse- Healing Messages Do not panic. Be calm and attentive when a child discloses about his/her sexual abuse… Continue reading

We are Children

Some brilliant videos from Trupti who is the mind behind the organisatin We Are Children working in the area of CSA.

Raising the bar on Fundraising for CSA By Rachna, RAHI

Last november I chose to use the Delhi Marathon as a fund raising opportunity to raise funds for RAHI Foundation, an NGO that works in the areas of Incest and Child Sexual Abuse… Continue reading

Message from Arpan – 25

Prevention Some parenting skills to help children build high self-esteem: Give constant reassurances and praises to children, Avoiding  discouraging statements, Not putting down a child’s opinion or feelings, Support children’s thought and ideas

Message from Arpan – 24

Prevention Adults need to help children develop high self-esteem so that children can be assertive in saying ‘NO’ to abuse and not fall for grooming tactics of the abusers

Message from Arpan – 23

Prevention We need to communicate to children that ‘It is never too let to tell about child sexual abuse’