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“THE NINE YEAR OLD” – Sithara.

She hides in the cupboard sometimes She hides behind the door sometimes Isnt this child wierd?? She sits in the dark She cries in the dark How wierd can this child be?? She… Continue reading

“Get Over It” – A Poem by Anu Elizabeth Roche.

Get Over It? TRIGGER WARNING: References to sexual abuse, rape, rape culture.   Some of us really try.   Sometimes we run from  the bed and head straight for the shower.   Watch the water… Continue reading

“Call Me Father ” – A Poem By Anu Elizabeth Roche.

Call Me Father TW: Child Sexual Abuse. Dedicated to hundreds of victims of abuse from pedophile priests, the world over.   He hasn’t stopped praying. Not since the day his mother found a… Continue reading

‘Facing Yesterday’ – A Poem by Anu Elizabeth Roche.

Yesterday, my little girl turned fifteen. She felt her blood soak her clothes, and cried out to her mother, fearing she would die. Only yesterday, the women who told her she was now a… Continue reading

‘Give Me Strength’ by Amitha Singh

I tremble, I shake; Break into a cold sweat. Take him to a remote lake; He deserves every piece of lead! CSA, oh God! Make it stop! Take it out of my very… Continue reading