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Account of ‘an abused, an abuser and a survivor’ – Anonymous

Okay so I have been abused. The reason I came here to CSAAM was maybe I wanted to find some closure and some understanding.  But as the days go by and the more and more… Continue reading

Let’s Break the Silence – Swati

As kids we never knew the word sexual abuse forget knowing about child sexual abuse! But the stark truth is that it has been there like an evil monster that keeps raising its… Continue reading

Wish it were a story – Anonymous

I remember it like it was yesterday. It is now more than 30 years ago that he touched me and yet it seems like it was not too long ago. There I was… Continue reading

Boys Don’t Cry – Deepa Ranganathan

A male victim of child sex abuse is burdened, not only by the abuse and everything that it brings, but also by being a ‘victim’ – a position traditionally reserved for women. Anuja… Continue reading

India’s code of silence over sexual abuse – Rupa Jha

I was barely seven years old, living in a typically large middle-class family with five siblings and numerous other relatives sharing a two-bedroom flat with a terrace. My mother, a housewife, was always… Continue reading

The closure that I have long sought – Anonymous

I start my 40th decade of life, a 15th year of being married, a roller-coaster of a 10th with my son and a profoundly fulfilling 20th as a professional in the field of… Continue reading

What Would Make You Believe a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

I don’t know if you know an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I don’t know if you know what an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse looks, sounds, or acts like. So… Continue reading

‘I was abused as a child’: Kalki Koechlin

Breaking her silence on child abuse and her own personal nightmare, actress Kalki Koechlin explains why it’s important for families to speak out.     Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-_aCkJAdMM

CSA, My Story – Anisha.

I was sitting in a single-screen theatre in Malad, watching Morning Raga, when it hit me. I was with two friends from school, enjoying the freedom that came with finishing one’s Tenth Standard… Continue reading

My Story of Abuse – Sithara.

“Well,I am sharing this story of mine here to spread awareness among people.I was a very talkative and an active kid! Innocence at its best!I was sexually abused when I was seven and… Continue reading