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CSA Survivor Story – 6.

Yes I have been a victim, and yes like many of you I have done nothing about it apart from carrying that guilt with me till date. Since the time me and Kiran started… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 5.

He was a helper in her uncle’s house and she used to call him as Bhaiya. The Uncle’s entire family used to treat him more like family than as servent and so she… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 4.

The Repercussions of Abuse A paying guest. My father’s friend. And a blood relative – my own uncle. What do these three men have in common? Me. All three of them are guilty… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 3.

My earliest memory of being sexually abused as a child dates back to the time when I was 8 years old. Those were days when auto rickshaws did not ply in the small… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 2.

This is probably the first time that I have decided to pen my story of abuse and relive those moments. It’s time. I was probably seven years old when it all started. It… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story -1.

My childhood, as I remember it, has been a procession of uncles. The old geezer, both feet in the grave who wanked all over me when I was barely five. The distant relative… Continue reading

A Haunting Memory

When we started this initiative we got a lot of mails saying people want to share their stories anonymously on the blog. So we start with this story where the victim is happy… Continue reading