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A Survivor’s Story

I am 21 years old now. I was 7 years old when I was sexually abused by a man who came to do some maintenance work on our home. He used to be… Continue reading

Sexuality Issues for Adult Survivors of Incest and Child Sexual Abuse

Another excellent article on adult sexuality and the impact of childhood sexual abuse by Wendy Maltz, author of The Sexual Healing Journey. This paper was published in 2001.  One of the key findings for… Continue reading

A Father revisits the Horror – A Survivor’s Story

My first memories take me back to 1983 when I was just seven and in a hostel. Our beds were all attached. It was the another boy of my own age who felt… Continue reading


Those of you who have been part of the blog world for a while now, know that April is the month where a group of dedicated bloggers have been crusading against a common… Continue reading

The fairground of lost childhood

Multi colored soapy bubbles floating Carrying pink cotton candy dreams Lights of carousels, cable cars and giant roller coasters They float along, bursting to laughter and happy shrieks Childhood dreams being realized on… Continue reading

Silent no more… My story of childhood sexual abuse – A Survivor’s Story

Well, I can’t tell you things chronologically. Some of it is fuzzy while other portions are quite clear. I hope I don’t get too graphic for any of you, but I just want… Continue reading

Saying ‘Yes’ Matters as Much as ‘No’ – By Nilanjana.S.Roy

The man who was my abuser was a fine host, a good husband, a caring father, a respected elder whose generosity and kindness were as genuine as the fact of the abuse. These… Continue reading

A Daughter’s Letter to Her Parents – A Survivor’s Story

Dad,  you’re no more  but I have Memories of you. Memories that I will take with me to the grave. I know that Peter would be alive today but for you. It wasn’t… Continue reading

Anoushka Shankar on why it was important to share her story of sexual abuse -NDTV

  Click on to know what Anoushka had to say

Every Child Deserves a Beautiful Childhood, Nothing Less. – By Soulspeakingloud

Few years before I was born, my parents initially planned on having only one child, irrespective of the gender, in those times when most Indian families were very gender biased and sought only for… Continue reading