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“I am sorry” says a mother – Harish Iyer

A month ago, had met a single mother of an adult boy who was sexually abused by a close female relative as a child. The mother was being overtly sympathetic towards the abuser… Continue reading

Why can’t I get on with my life? – A Survivor Speak

Some impacts of childhood sexual abuse on the life of adult survivors By J Summers Many people believe that, because the abuse happened as a child, as an adult the survivor should now… Continue reading

Letter From The Mother Of A Sexually Abused Child To UN commission On The Status Of Women

1. My name is Suja Jones Mazurier. I am an Indian citizen. My husband, Mr. Pascal Mazurier is French and has been employed with the French Ministry of External Affairs since 2001. We… Continue reading

“Impact of Therapy in CSA Story 6 ” – By ARPAN

Sonia, 12 years of age, grew up in a joint family that included her grandmother, her mother, siblings and parental relatives. Her father owned a restaurant abroad and so hardly visited his family… Continue reading

CSA or should the child be replaced by Teenage in this context? – By Sweet Mixture

Indira is a happy ,spirited child, does well at academics and is quite active at skit, quiz, elocution at the all-girls school she was studying. Her parents dote her and they live in… Continue reading

“Impact of Therapy in CSA Story 4” by Arpan.

Rishi was 14 year when he was sodomized by his neighbour, Ashok uncle, a good family friend. Being a trusted person, both to the family and the boy, Ashoks or Rishi’s frequent visits… Continue reading

From Each One Of Us: What Can Be Done and What Can Be Stopped…..

My readers may be wondering as of why I am pouring out all my saga. My answer to such – definitely not to garner sympathy or popularity and also I absolutely need no help… Continue reading

“Impact of Therapy in CSA Story 3” by Arpan.

Family background: I am Samson, the eldest son in a middle-class family of 4. My brother is 3 years younger than me. My family always called him intelligent. My father always compared us… Continue reading

“Get Over It” – A Poem by Anu Elizabeth Roche.

Get Over It? TRIGGER WARNING: References to sexual abuse, rape, rape culture.   Some of us really try.   Sometimes we run from  the bed and head straight for the shower.   Watch the water… Continue reading

“Every Child Deserves a Beautiful Childhood, Nothing Less.”

Having an elder brother, especially in the Indian society, is considered to be very fortunate for any girl. Mainly because of the customs and rituals, which ask for an elder brother, all through… Continue reading