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CSA Survivor Story – 5 – The Victim as Protector

“Can I come over to your house this Sunday?” my friend B asked. We were 18, I lived alone, she with her family, so I was surprised. Weekends were family time and our… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 4 – The Old Man in the Housing Complex

I first heard about the old man in our housing complex from my daughter’s 16-year old babysitter. Before that I had seen him walking around the complex but didn’t really know anything about… Continue reading

A video – CSA Survivor Interview

Watch the video here.

Child sex abuse awareness: Survivor /Victim first person stories by Ashreya Mom

Last year I wanted to participate in this child sex abuse awareness program, but somehow it was late then, or maybe I dint make up my mind and have guts to speak it… Continue reading

CSA Survivor Story – 3

She was a dreamy bookish girl, more interested in reading than in playing outside with other girls.  Her mother belonged to the school of thought that girls had to be tamed.  Once upon… Continue reading

I survived to tell the tale: Abuse is NOT love! by Tejaswini Pagadala

“I never thought I would pen this down because of the stigma associated with it. But, I realized that remaining silent only makes it worse. And now I know that I’m one among… Continue reading

A survivor explains the vulnerability of child sex trafficking victims – The Washington Times

My history of sexual abuse began when I was under the age of ten. To make this trauma worse, my parents instructed me to lie about it when confronted by a social worker… Continue reading

CSA Survivior Story – 2 – Don’t Make Assumptions About Who, When, Where

Last year the kids’ school called all the parents in for a PTA/ Townhall meeting. The issue: a 4 year old in Puddi’s batch had complained of being molested in the school bathroom.… Continue reading

Transcript of Chat with Cybermum_India | April 10 2012

Q. My question is very basic – how do you monitor internet usage for children? A. Use good security software that will let you monitor your child’s online activities without infringing on their… Continue reading

Transcript of Chat with Silence Stops Now | April 9 2012

Q. To start with @SilenceStopsNow may be you can tell us about how you dealt with the abuse and what helped you heal #CSAAM A. I think the first step to dealing with… Continue reading