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The monster all parents need to know about – Kids Stop Press

CSA Awareness Month has contributed a piece on child sexual abuse and CSAAM to the popular parenting website Kids Stop Press. Click here to read our say on why and how CSAAM began and… Continue reading

To Sum it up – 9th April

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month April 2012 Some causes are more close to a heart than others. Last year, when I had come across this initiative I couldn’t help but smile that finally some… Continue reading

To Sum It up – April 3

The Bitter Pill It was a minor incident from 9 years ago. It had barely lasted 30 seconds. But it stays on in memory.. Provoking questions, giving insights. She had been all of 17… Continue reading

To Sum It up – April 2

Wake-up parents, wake-up But one thing which I strongly feel that has a connection either directly or indirectly to the above stated points is Sex Education and Sexual Awareness among children. It is… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 23

I understood the feelings of shame and disgust I felt, but didn’t feel close enough to my parents to tell them. Probably because I understood that if I ‘told on’ these men, the… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 22

October 19th 2006 – a day when hubby and I were entrusted with a little bundle of responsibility by the Lord Almighty, and then right there I had made a pledge. I had… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 21

We all need to talk about CSA more. Not talking about it openly sends a message to our kids that it is something shameful if you are a victim of it. We need… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 20

I do not have any story to tell, neither do I have any concrete tips to give for the subject, but I believe every parent can help their kids from child sexual abuse… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 19

I just want to list a few things that happen in the Gulf, amongst Indian and Asian expatriates. Risky and negligent behaviour by parents, who think this is a safe place. Safe equals… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 18

The plight of young boys is as bad if not worse than girls. We are always more careful about the girls in our family. There are greater restrictions around them. With boys, our… Continue reading