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To Sum It Up – 17

I remember clearly meeting the very shy son of a colleague, only to learn much later that he had been abused by the house help. Another time a friend told me how she… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 16

If a 13 or 14 year old child has sex with a man in his early twenties would you call that having an ‘affair’? Or is it child abuse? (Legally this would be… Continue reading

To Sum It up – 15

Once her father left for work, her mom got busy with household chores and with her brother who was a toddler.Tina would be free during the day to explore the neighborhood. One such day she… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 14

Child Sexual Abuse is usually swept under the carpet as something too dirty to talk about. The result? Many, many people (myself included) who go through their childhood believing whatever happened to them… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 13

Your anger and frustration at the world and life is understandable. But remember not to take it out on your children. The evils of the world your children may chance upon were not… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 12

It took a while to understand that I wasn’t wrong in any of the above incidents and I have to speak up. Well, I was a teenager when I understood and it was… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 11

She was a mere child. Let me call her X although names do not matter. Like other little girls of her age she played with dolls, got them married, distributed sugar candies since… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 10

I believe a kid should be educated about his body and should be told about what is acceptable and what is not but I am not yet sure how much is appropriate at… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 9

Irrespective of one’s age, one inappropriate touch, even if it a hasty groping, is enough to open one’s eyes to the world. Suddenly the world is not a safe place any more. Even… Continue reading

To Sum It Up – 8

Child sexual abuse is one of those,which goes un noticed,but daunt the victim.The issue is many parents are not conscious of this and many close their eyes as this will not happen to their… Continue reading