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CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 13

Wake up and Be Aware – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-fe Our today’s twitter topic to create awareness on CSA is Female genital mutilation or FGM. #CSAAM Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 12

• Unlock the Secrets with your Listening – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-fc • Our topic for today’s tweet is – Child trafficking in India. #CSAAM • There exists many reasons for child trafficking… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 11

Child Protection – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-f8 Today the topic we will tweet on is – Paedophilia and tourism. Please add to the discussion and thanks in advance for RT’s. #CSAAM The cruelest… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 10

Twitter Chat with @cybermum_India on how to keep ur children safe frm online predators.Use hasttag #CSAAM to ask questions. 12 to 1 pm today So close to 500 signatures on petition to keep… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 9

FYI post up on Rose tinted glasses http://wp.me/pxv85-DB Facts about #ChildAbuse http://www.baltimorecountymd.gov/agencies/police/community/abuse.html #StopChildAbuse The semantics of Vocabulary – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-f4 Have you added the CSA picbadge to your DP for the… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 6, 7 & 8

Transcript of Chat with Dilnavaz Bamboat | April 5 2012 http://wp.me/p1pP52-jv TOT workshop Invitation http://wp.me/p1pP52-jx Having New Eyes: Viewing Child Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Problem – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-eX Join… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 5

Twitter chat on April 6th, 12 to 1pm, with Anuja Gupta, Founder RAHI, on working with CSA victims and the learning’s. #CSAAM Please join us for a twitter chat with Dilnavaz Bamboat, therapist… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 4

Here is a list: • The proper names for all their private parts; many children are not able to tell because they don’t know the words to use. Teach your kids that personal… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 3

Sex Offenses Link to Juveniles – Message from Tulir http://wp.me/p1pP52-eK The topic for today’s tweets on #CSAAM are on how parents can be alert, informed and empower their children to prevent CSA. Communicate… Continue reading

CSAAM 2012 Tweets | April 2

CSA Facts http://t.co/WtkbGZSB What are the signs to watch out for of infant sexual abuse that parents should be alert to. #CSAAM If the baby appears consistently anxious or frightened around a certain… Continue reading